Welcome to NFToken

NFToken is a simple, cheap NFT standard for Solana.

NFToken is 4x Cheaper Than Metaplex

Creating an NFT with NFToken costs about 2M Lamports or $0.08.

With Metaplex, this costs about 10M Lamports or $0.32.

NFToken is Simple and Easy to Use

Metaplex requires 4 separate accounts for each NFT. This makes it incredibly difficult to do simple queries like finding all NFTs and owners for a collection. In addition, this complex structure has caused security issues.

NFToken is simple which makes it easy to build on top of and query.

NFToken Doesn't Require the Terminal

These docs are interactive. That means you can get started without even opening the terminal. You can even create a primary drop (equivalent of Candy Machine) without installing anything.

Try It Out

You can create an NFT in just a few seconds.

Create an NFT

Your NFT has been minted!

You’ll need to install Glow in order to mint an NFT.

If you're a developer, this is easy to understand and code up. Check it out the code in the next section.