Creating an NFT

You can create an NFT in just a couple lines of code with our @glow-xyz/nftoken-js library:

import { constructCreateNftTx } from "@glow-xyz/nftoken-js";

// This opens the Glow Browser Extension and give us the current wallet
const { address: wallet } = await window.glow!.connect();

// This is the location where you have uploaded Metadata about the NFT.
// This can be in Arweave, IPFS, S3, or another storage service.
const metadata_url = "";

const { transactionBase64 } = await constructCreateNftTx({
  creator: wallet,

await window.glow!.signAndSendTransaction({
  network: network,

All of the code for this site is Open Source. You can see the code for this page on GitHub.