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Where can I use NFToken NFTs?

We launched support for the NFToken spec in Glow. If you have Glow installed, you can create and send NFToken NFTs from within Glow.

If your favorite wallet doesn't support the NFToken spec, let them know that you'd like them to add it.

How does this compare with the Metaplex NFT Standard?

The Metaplex standard was written built very quickly and released on top of the SPL Token Program which is designed for Fungible Tokens (not NFTs).

While the Metaplex standard has gained popularity, it is difficult and expensive for developers and creators to use. Also, Metaplex is a private company that has not explained how they will make money or shared a public roadmap.

NFToken is designed to be cheaper, easier to use, and more open than Metaplex. Creating an NFT with NFToken is < 1/3 the price of a Metaplex NFT.

Does this work on Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No, the NFToken standard works only on the Solana blockchain. That means you'll need a Solana wallet like Glow to interact with the NFToken standard.

Who is behind the spec?

You can see everyone who has contributed on the GitHub: github.com/glow-xyz/nftoken

This was started as a project inside of Glow and received feedback from other teams in the ecosystem including Magic Eden, OpenSea, and Formfn.